I love Boise

I think it’s become pretty clear to anyone who knows me that I love this city. The amazing people? Yes. The beautiful vistas? Yes. The beautiful downtown? Yes. The beautiful women? Definitely.


However, it’s the little things. It’s the fact that Boise wants to be so… Boise. In a good way we love ourselves. We’ve come to realize that there are few places in this country that can match the quality of life, the¬†outdoor opportunities, entrepreneurship¬†and clean, safe community that we enjoy. I personally have lived in many places all across Florida, Topeka Kansas, Tennessee, and have visited many more. Nowhere have I been or lived where I was so happy to call myself a citizen. I love my home state of Florida and try to visit whenever I can but this place has really become mine.
I still pronounce Boise with a “Z” and probably always will, I don’t care what people say, I’ve been here eleven years now and consider myself a Boisean. I’ve kissed the blue turf of Bronco Stadium(Most natives probably haven’t done that, hah!), I’ve floated the river, barhopped Main Street, cliff jumped into Lucky Peak Lake and sat above the city on Table Rock after midnight on a cold Winter night. This is home, nowhere else can really touch it and many don’t understand the obsession we have. Like one writer said, his friends would ask him: “Why Boise?” that is, until they came to Boise.

I could go on all night about this place, as many others here would too, but I really do believe photos tell the story best.

Today I came across yet another one of the little things I love here, the art. At an intersection in front of the old Boise Train Depot there is a new roundabout and I met one of the women, Reham, who is creating a beautiful mosaic atop it. Here are a couple pictures I snapped.


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Happy Memorial Day

If we truly supports our troops, our military men and women and our veterans who have either sacrificed life, limb or their mental stability, then we should all be anti-war. War is ugly, disgusting and costs lives and is the epitome of what is wrong with humanity. Sending brave men and women, wherever they come from, to fight and kill each other over a difference of opinion.

Yes, that’s the simple way to look at it. But it’s the truth. Sometimes we do these things to help others, sometimes we do it to protect our interests, sometimes we do it and the reasons are not clear. The sad fact is it happens.

I am anti-war because of the great atrocity that it is. I am anti-war because I’d prefer that such brave souls would never have to pick up a weapon and enter combat. I 100% support, and thank, our troops and veterans and all that they have done in service of their country.

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Why The Dark Knight Rises is The Greatest Film Ever Made


Even though someone is bound to reboot the Batman film franchise, Christopher Nolan was on a mission to make the Batman series to end all Batman series, “Rises” being the larger-than-life climax, and pulled out all of the stops and pulled no punches. He allowed the viewers to see that Gotham would go on, Batman died as Bruce Wayne was reborn, Alfred was finally freed and with the revelation of Robin we are left assured that there would be a young watchful protector left to keep an eye on the city.

Where The Dark Knight left us wanting more, The Dark Knight Rises left no loose ends and in every way fulfilled this visceral and socially conscious vision of Batman. On a scale unmatched by any film before it, The Dark Knight Rises embraced and made us face the very issues we are dealing with today. Whether it’s economic equality and injustice, the role of Wallstreet and government in our fate and whether or not we have it within ourselves to do the right thing even when it’s easier not to.
I feel that is the ultimate question TDKR puts before us; what are we made of? Who are we as a people, society, species?

Any film that can prompt social introspection from it’s audience stands among the best ever made, and when you combine that with the incredible scale, cinematography and character that Nolan and his team put before us you simply have the greatest film ever made and I, without hesitation, put it right beside 2001: A Space Odyssey.

David Bowman and Bruce Wayne can now shake hands atop the podium of cinema history.

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